Personal Trainer
FMS, Nasm, Ace, ProNatal

Become mindful of your thoughts, how you fuel your body, and move throughout the day.

Certifications and Specializations

Muscular Balance and Corrective Exercise
Functional Movement and Weight Training
Calisthenics and Balance
Whole Foods Sports Nutrition and Weight loss
Injury Rehab and Pain
Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise and Recovery
Percussive Therapy and Myofascial Release


Private Training Assessment:
Required for all first time clients before program. Includes Health and Functional Movement Assessment. Includes a thorough review of health history including past injuries and chronic health conditions. Screen a series of movement patterns to identify and treat muscular tightness, weakness, and movement compensations.

Private Training:
Must go through a Private Training Assessment before first session. Experience convenient training in your apartment, apartment building gym, office gym, or gym of trainer’s choosing. One hour of individualized routines including warm up, cool down, and recovery.

Couples Training:
Must each go through a Private Training Assessment before first session. Enjoy one hour of costum routines including warm up, cool down, and recovery with a partner or friend!
$75 Each/Hour

Online Programming:
Experience interactive individualized training programming based on one or more Private Training Assessments. Log workouts and receive immediate feedback. Price includes unlimited messaging and coaching calls to ensure proper execution.

***Due to COVID-19, all in-person services will be replaced by video communication.